Development Install

Probe Basic Development Installation Guide

Note: Probe Basic is currently designed for 1920x1080 screen sizes only!

For Whatever reason mesa ehternet setups go much more smoothly when a wired ethernet internet connection is used during linux installation. The debian installer does some magic that sets up the network perfectly with only one minor tweak once installed. The wireless setup after install is much easier to get working. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using the wired internet connection and choosing to setup that connection during installation to avoid unforeseen issues in connecting to the mesa card(s) post install.

1- Download the Linuxcnc ISO Image File

Select the “LinuxCNC 2.8.0 Debian 10 Buster PREEMPT-RT ISO” option. you will need to make a bootable dvd or USB thumb drive depending on how you plan to install. The below software is extremely easy and works flawlessly with linux debian OS images. Below is the link for it. I recommend using 2-4gb USB drive for quicker flashing.

Once you have created your flash stick for linuxcnc proceed to install and boot the system. (note: It is advised to have an ethernet cable internet connection during install). Select the graphical installation option. Follow the steps on screen to complete installation.

After installation, copy the following in the main terminal one line at a time and hit enter, select Y for yes if asked at any point during installation.

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade

2- Start Linuxcnc first time

Now linuxcnc needs to be started for the first time for it to create its directory folders. This can be done by the drop down menu and selecting CNC and then LinuxCNC. After the program has started, you can shut it down and continue below.

3- Install qtpyvcp dependencies

Copy the following in the main terminal it is all one line, hit enter, select Y for yes f asked at any point during installation.

sudo apt install python-pyqt5 python-pyqt5.qtquick python-dbus.mainloop.pyqt5 python-pyqt5.qtopengl python-pyqt5.qsci python-pyqt5.qtmultimedia python-pyqt5.qtwebkit qml-module-qtquick-controls gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad libqt5multimedia5-plugins pyqt5-dev-tools python-dev python-setuptools python-pip git:
sudo apt install qttools5-dev-tools python-pip

4- Install qtpyvcp

Copy the following in the main terminal, hit enter, select Y for yes if asked at any point during installation.

git clone qtpyvcp

cd qtpyvcp

pip install --editable .


cd ~/qtpyvcp/pyqt5designer/Qt5.7.1-64bit/

sudo ./

cp ~/qtpyvcp/scripts/.xsessionrc ~/

IMPORTANT: now Log Off of Linux, then Log In again for the previous installation to take effect, then continue with step 6 after in a main terminal!

5- Install probe_basic

Copy the following in the main terminal, hit enter.

git clone

6- Setup the probe_basic directory and install using pip.

From the main terminal paste the following and press enter after each, if asked, type Y and enter to continue install.

cd probe_basic

qcompile .

pip install -e .


cp -r ~/probe_basic/probe_basic/fonts/ ~/.local/share/

cp -r ~/probe_basic/config/probe_basic/ ~/linuxcnc/configs/

And install the conversational widgets

pip install git+

More details about conversational widgets:

7- Edit probe_basic

To be able to edit the probe_basic gui, you will enter the following in the main terminal.

editvcp probe_basic

8- You are Finished with Installation!

This should complete the installation of QtPyVCP and the probe_basic GUI, you can now run the sim to get to know it, as well open and play with the GUI design. If you would like to make a Desktop Icon to launch the editor for probe_basic, follow the below instructions:

right click on the desktop and select “Create Launcher”

In the field entries you can put the following information:

NOTE: for the command line be sure to change the “YOUR_COMPUTER_NAME_HERE” for you actual computer name, for example /home/jacob/.local/bin/editvcp probe_basic or the launcher will give an error!

Name: QTDesigner

Comment: probe_basic gui editor

Command: /home/YOUR_COMPUTER_NAME_HERE/.local/bin/editvcp probe_basic

Working Directory:

Press the Save button once completed.

The first launch select Mark Executable when prompted.

9- Congratualtions you have made it through and should be ready to start having fun!